Double extraction reishi tincture  

Mushrush Reishi Extract & Tea instructions April2014

Double reishi extractions combine both hot water and alcohol extracts which are better at boosting the immune stimulating and anti-inflammatory compounds in reishi mushrooms, than simple hot water extractions.   A double reishi extraction combines both hot water and alcohol extracts to create a better full spectrum product.

Many people would like to make their own reishi extracts, please remember that it is better to use a double extraction reishi tincture, combining both hot water (polysaccharides) and alcohol (triterpenoids) in the extraction to get the most out of the reishi. Use some of these helpful hints to create a double reishi extract combining both alcohol and hot water in the extract method.

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Or download the attached pdf file for suggestions on how to make a double reishi extraction.

Double reishi extraction instructions 

To get the best of both worlds always try to combine hot water and alcohol extracts when using medicinal mushrooms to support your body systems.

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Double extraction reishi tincture (Ganoderma lucidum)