Mushroom growing – FAQs

Why are my oyster mushrooms going brown?

Humidity is too low i.e. there is not enough water in the growing environment. The edges of the oyster mushroom cap and stem start to dry and go brown. The discoloured mushrooms are dead and will not recover. They need to be pulled off the grow log.

What can I use to humidify my growing room/area?

For small growing rooms, a humidifier such as the this one works very well. They can be bought from baby stores and pharmacies. For larger growing areas pond foggers can be used.

I just noticed some of them have a bit darker yellow colour as they start coming out and the bigger oysters have a strange “cobweb” effect on the under side. I just want to know if it is normal and if not what must I do different?

The cobweb effect is from the mushrooms producing spores and all that is required is too harvest about
2-3 days earlier.  The browning on the mushroom when it is that old points to a mature mushroom that is starting to dry out.