Growing OYSTER mushrooms in South Africa (in fact Southern Africa) is becoming popular. Making your own Mushroom Grow Log is very simple. All you need is:

1) A clear plastic bag – strong enough that your straw or substrate cannot pierce through it. Included in the Rookie ‘Roomer Grow Kit

2) Substrate – For our Rookie ‘Roomer Grow Kit, you will need 10kg of straw or any of the others we mentioned on our ‘Spawn & Substrate‘ page.

3) Water purifying lime – included in the Rookie ‘Roomer Grow Kit

4) Spawn – oyster included in the Rookie ‘Roomer Grow Kit

5) Cable tie – to close the top of the plastic bag – included in the Rookie ‘Roomer Grow Kit

Mushrush - Lime soak experiment. Mycelium starting to colonize a 'grow your own mushroom' kit.

Mushrush – Lime soak experiment. Mycelium starting to colonize a ‘grow your own mushroom’ kit.

In our Mushrush Shop on the front page, you will find bags in the ‘Starter Kits & Equipment‘ section.




  1. I would like to start growing mushrooms for profit. Please send me information on how I can do this. My interest is in oyster and white button mushrooms.

  2. Hi am a young teacher fromfrom Lesotho but interested in mushroom farming for bussiness and for academic purposes
    May you please give best advice of how do I start.for both issues and please bearing in mind that Lesotho is clamatically cold during witer.please help I so much interested in this.

  3. Hie, I am interested in farming mushroom, firstly for my family consumption then upscale to commercial. I am particularly worried about hot temperatures here in Louis Trichardt. Can you please advise me on this obstacle by sending relevant literature to read.

  4. I would like to start growing my own mushrooms. white button mushrooms. I live in Delmas Mpumalanga. Where will I be able to get the mushroom spawn etc.
    Thank you

  5. Good Day

    I would like to grow mushroom for extra income from my garage. I need to attend workshops, where can I get such work shops ?

    Kind Regards


    • We run our workshops in Howick, PMB. If you are unable toattend then the next best thing would be our Rookie Roomer kit. I’ll send you the details.

  6. hi

    I’m from nelspruit,mpumalanga,i’ve always been fascinated by mushrooms,I’m very interested in starting a commercial mushroom farm,i have the land,resources,water,and buildings available, I would like more information on being trained and taking a course on mushroom growing, as well as understanding if it is a profitable market to enter into overall,could you kindly provide me with more information on this subject.


  7. Is it possible to grow the white button and brown mushrooms at home? If so could you please forward me the relevant information. If there is any costs involved kindly advise me accordingly

  8. Hi, my colleagues and I would like to attend a course or workshop on growing oyster mushrooms. When are you running your next course/workshop, and could you please send us the details and any other available training materials that we could perhaps purchase.

    Many thanks


  9. I am residing in Mpumalanga, Nelspruit in particular. I am interested in growing oyster mushrooms. Where can I get training or attend a workshop.

  10. Hi I live in Manzini, Swaziland. It gets quite hot here in summer, 35 celcius +, is this ok for mushroom cultivation. I also do free range chickens and would like to use thr droppings as part of the substrate. Is this possible? What is the best to start with? Will ur starter kit be a good starting ground?

    Kind regards


    • Yes, the starter kit would be ideal for you get off the ground. Although, please grow your mushrooms away from the chickens and don’t use their dropping as substrate. Oyster mushrooms are primary decomposers and prefer clean cellulose matter like straw.

    • The best to start with is our Rookie Roomer kit – it comes with 2kg of fresh oyster mushroom spawn. Look forward to hearing from you.

  11. Hi
    I live in Bulawayo Zimbabwe and I’m interested in growing mushrooms for profit.
    I would’nt mind starting off with your rookie roomer kit and a course on mushroom farming. would appreciate details on purchasing kit and courses that you run for button and oyster mushrooms. Thanks.

  12. Hi Sandra. I am interested in attended the net scheduled training session. Please can you confirm details and costs etc on email.

  13. Good day
    Im interested in purchasing your rookie starter kit. Im based in zeerust in the northwes province and just want to find out if you will be abke to post or courier and how much extra it wil be?

  14. Hi I would like to start growing mushrooms. Where and how do I get started and a kit. I live in Pretoria.

  15. Hi please supply me with info re. growing and marketing oyster
    mushrooms. As well as prices on starter kit I’m in Benoni and would like to use plastic as housing. Thanks

    • Hi Sean, our kit (The Rookie roomer) is R595 including delivery to Benoni. I can sedn you a proforma. Plastic housing would work. The market for oyster mushrooms is expanding rapidly as more and more people are exposed to the great meaty flavour and all google info on the net.

  16. I reside in Secunda and I am interested in doing mushroom growing project. Please assist me on how to go about it.

    • Hi Ronald, there is a lot of info to share – more than what I can do in an email. For brilliant growing tips and to gete started – to see if this is for you – why not try our Rookie Roomer kit?

    • Im’m not sure how big your set-up is – but you can grow mushrooms without a tent. A plastic bag propped up with a few wooden dowels will do the job.

    • Hi Chido, You are welcome to book a workshop with us – many people make the trip to see us and feel it is very worthwhile. I don’t know of anybody else who holds a workshop such as ours.

  17. Hi there,
    I wanna start a Mushroom growing business in Uganda but sell internationally.
    Please furnish me with any relavant info on how, where to grow and sell Mushroom. I reside in South Africa but originally from Uganda.

    Thank you.

  18. Please supply me with information on the available courses and cost thereof for commercial mushroom production. I am interested in both button and oyster mushrooms. I have an Agricultural background and over 25 years commercial farming experience, and can hopefully and successfully cope with such a project.

  19. i would like to start growing mushrooms I live in Swaziland. I would like to visit your premises to have an indepth idea of what to do where are you situated in KZN and please give directions.
    Would like to know the most suitable mushroom I could grow in my area. Thanks

    • I would like to know how to do mushroom farming. im currently staying in johannesburg. Can you sent me the direction of your office and please brief me how you do your trainings.

    • Hi Jan, When we meet you can give us more details on your area and we can guide you from there. We generally recommend growing oysters as they are very easy to grow and the market place for suppliers is wide open. The button growing market has many large and successful growers who have already established firm relationships with their customer. Breaking into the button market could present quite a challenge.

  20. Hi. I want to start a mushroom growing business.
    Wanna attend a workshop.
    Please send more info
    Thank you

  21. I have a chicken house that 500 square meters can control light and moisture would I been able to grow mushrooms and make money out of it

  22. good day .i have 3 tunnels 50 meter x 15 m wide in mpumalanga that is brand new and want to start growing mushrooms in it.i do not have any experience in this .is there any advice in how to start this proses.
    regards riaan

  23. We have a large piece of ground at the bottom of our property which we want to use to grow mushrooms as it has a forestry effect so thought mushrooms would be a good choice. I am thinking of enclosing it in with black plastic surrounds to make a dark room. Would this be suitable. We live on the south coast, kwa-zulu natal, past Hibberdene. What is the cost of the rookie roomer kit?

  24. I would like to start a commercial mushroom farm in Mahikeng and would like to know if the the climate would be ideal and how much will be my initial capital injection.I would also like if you do have an office in Gauteng province

  25. hi,
    I need assistance on mushroom farming courses. I am based at Nongoma and have a desire to grow them commercially, I only did theory somewhere but unfortunately I could not go on to do the practical side .

  26. greetings. I would like to grow mushrooms at home. Where can I get more info and starting kits. Im staying in Newcastle kzn. Thank you

  27. Hi everyone, I like to grow white button mushroom , where can I buy a small pocket of 500g to start with , what about temperature of 2degrees Celsius during transportation to Empangeni Town in KwaZulu natal province?
    Thank you
    By Francis B.B.Mathebula Empangeni KZN

  28. I’m really interested in growing mushrooms especially the white button. Do you offer any form of training to beginners, where, when ad at what cost? I’m based in Gauteng

  29. The universe is telling me I should grow mushrooms (not magic ones haha). Is there a course on growing button or brown mushrooms I can attend?

    • Hi Margie, I don’t know of any agaricus growing courses – possible because they are not that easy to grow. Oysters are the easiest mushrooms to cut your teeth on.

    • That’s excellent. We believe there is great scope for the exotic mushroom industry in South Africa. Let us know if you would like to attend one of our practical workshops.

  30. Can you send me more info about growing mushrooms. I am in the north west province.
    Regards Louis.

  31. Hi
    I got your email and it makes a lot of sense to me. I use to plant them on the trenches but I will take your advice to plant them on an open room. I would like to know how long does it take you to get them ready if I were to order say about 60 logs? And also do I have to put 50% deposit first?. My plan is to get them mid April 2015. Please let me know so that I can arrange the payments as soon as possible.
    Regards Siyanda Khoza

  32. Thank you for receiving me and my wife Monday 09/02/15 (uninvited) with the Motorhome with the help of the lady of Peels Honey and you giving us directions to find you.
    I consulted with my son ‘Conrad’ and is seriously working on starting with mushrooms.
    We don’t want to get our setup wrong.Do you think we must come down and attend your workshop before starting with planing our grow-rooms or could you provide us with a basic plan. Regards Talieta & Rien.

  33. I would like to start growing mushrooms for our own use. How do I go about this? I do not fancy going allout to make my own growing mediums.
    I Live in grahamstown, Eastern Cape South Africa

  34. Hi I also like to farm with mushrooms the plain ones. Can you please sent me the prise list and your tel nm. Regards Francine Kern. Winterton KZN

  35. Halo
    I would like to start growing my own mushrooms. I live in Zeerust, North West. I would like to know how much it will cost me to start everything from scratch and where I will be able to get my products. Thanks Diana

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