Growing OYSTER mushrooms in South Africa (in fact Southern Africa) is becoming popular. Making your own Mushroom Grow Log is very simple. All you need is:

1) A clear plastic bag – strong enough that your straw or substrate cannot pierce through it. Included in the Rookie ‘Roomer Grow Kit

2) Substrate – For our Rookie ‘Roomer Grow Kit, you will need 10kg of straw or any of the others we mentioned on our ‘Spawn & Substrate‘ page.

3) Water purifying lime – included in the Rookie ‘Roomer Grow Kit

4) Spawn – oyster  – included in the Rookie ‘Roomer Grow Kit

5) Cable tie – to close the top of the plastic bag – included in the Rookie

In our Mushrush Shop on the front page, you will find bags in the ‘Starter Kits & Equipment‘ section.