Grow Shiitake – Here are some basic tips.

Easy to Grow Shiitake MushroomsLentinula edodes: These mushrooms are relatively easy to grow, and they like the South African winter months, when the day and night-time temperatures are fairly extreme. Having said that, I have grown shiitake well in our summer months, in a frequently watered tunnel (just leaving the hose pipe to run, until the ground is soaked and has about 10mm of water on the surface), airing it early morning or evening. They are grown on logs using shiitake plugs, but they do well on sawdust and other substrates too. We mix our shiitake spawn into a substrate.

Our Shiitake growing from an 'artificial' grow log. The artificial part is the plastic.

Our Shiitake growing from an ‘artificial’ grow log. The artificial part is the plastic.



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  1. Hi Can you please end me also all information regarding the growing of the shitake mushroom and price list
    Thank you
    Henk Voges

  2. We have plenty of autumn leaves in our home garden. Can one use leaves once they have been sterilized as a substrate for shitake spawn?

  3. Hi there

    I would like to start farming shiitake mushrooms. I have access to bluegum trees and pine trees…could the bluegum be innoculated? also i would like to grow shiitake using woodshavings as a grow medium. is this possible? any help and information would be much appreciated. Can I buy the inoculated plugs from you and price, delivery etc… thanks God bless you

  4. Hi I’d really like to give this a try, I’m in the Eastern Cape do you ship this way? Will I needs special type of wood? Please let me know prices and such. Thank you.

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