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Do you have questions regarding growing of mushrooms or do you want to know where to start? Check out our FAQ for all your answers.

Meet the “Man behind the Mushroom” – Neil van Rij and see the wealth of experience that he has to help you get started on this journey.

Schools and Home schoolers contact Sandra for more info or Sign Up for our Mushroom Workshop and learn to cultivate your own Mushrooms to start a business or as a hobby.

On our family smallholding in the Natal Midlands (KZN, South Africa), we have mushroom spawn production labs and a mushroom substrate factory. Mushrush supplies exotic mushroom spawn, (oyster, king oyster, shiitake and shimeiji). Mushrush has trained numerous commercial and small-scale mushroom farmers.

In 2006, before Mushrush® Specialist Mushroom Cultivators existed, we were playing around with mushrooms. Before we knew it, Mushrush® was born – growing spawn and fruiting a fun and exotic variety of fungi and a hobby became a business. Over the years our business, products and knowledge have mushroomed. Passion combined with international training, hands-on experience and extensive research contributes to our uniqueness. Mushrush® strives to develop to excellent mushroom products.

We have formulated our own Red Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum) Extract containing the equivalent of 500mg/ml of our OWN organically produced reishi mushrooms – we value the importance of growing our reishi using clean water and in an  environment where air and soil pollution is limited. Medicinal mushrooms are one of South Africa’s unrecognized natural treasures and offer many uses, especially to those seeking to boost their immunity levels (HIV), those suffering from various cancers, diabetes, blood pressure issues and others.

As we grow we remain true to nature and keep up to date with GREEN matters. That our soils can be cleaned by mushrooms, is so encouraging and that packaging need not be poisonous, but in fact made of mycelium.


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