Truffles: SA’s black gold

FAQ: How do I choose and prepare my mushroom substrate

The most commonly used and accessible is wheat straw. Most pet stores and farmers co-op stores, stock wheat straw. Choose good quality straw, there should be no odours or mouldy growth. It is important to chop it as finely as possible, the optimum is an average particle size of 10mm. We have seen multiple ways […]

FAQ: Basic oyster mushroom production cycle

The basic cycle is –  Substrate preparation – obtaining suitable substrate, drying and grinding the substrate to produce an average particle size of 10mm. Finally pasteurization or sterilization of the substrate. Inoculation – introduction of good quality spawn into the pasteurized substrate. Spawn run/Colonization – when the mushroom mycelium grows from the spawn into the […]

FAQ: can I grow different species of mushrooms in the same room?

FAQ: can I grow different species of mushrooms in the same room? Short answer is yes. Long answer, the species you can grow effectively in the same room, will depend on each species climatic requirements.  I have found that shiitake and king oyster do well together and that the “normal” oysters, pink, yellow, grey and […]

oyster mushroom growing and lime pasteurization

The lime soak method relies on 4 key principles: Quality spawn using low magnesium hydrated lime – in South Africa marketed as “Water purifying lime” keeping the pH of the lime soak solution above 12 all through the soak period excellent fresh air exchange (FAE) ensuring that you meet these criteria will ensure your success

Black truffles: season 2018

Let the season begin, black truffles are coming. That was June, now in July 2018 a truffle farmer near Wakkerstroom in Mpumalanga province has found black truffles.  The price for 2018 season truffles is approximately R15 000/kg, so we have one very happy farmer.  As an alternative crop truffles are the only crop I have […]

Change your life

By looking at the bigger picture – the invisible threads that shape our ecosystems functioning – Neil changed his life in 2005 and  mine in 2007. We like to think that we are doing our bit today – sharing with the world the magnificence of mushrooms. 14 cool facts about mushrooms Do you love mushrooms? […]

Space needed to grow mushrooms

We are frequently asked ‘How much room do I need to grow mushrooms’? To keep yourself supplied with our oyster, shiitake and king oyster mushrooms, then all you need is a space as big as a shower. If you’re wanting to sell mushrooms to your local restaurants, SPAR or farmer’s market, start with a single […]

Ganoderma find

This beautiful Ganoderma (Reishi) mushroom was spotted in Rwanda. For Reishi health benefits read more…

Shiitake grain spawn and dowels

? FAQ – Sandra just want to check – if i order Shiitake Spawn can i drill holes and put them in logs? ?Yes you can. Then seal them with bees wax. Shiitake grain spawn and dowels


MEDICINAL MUSHROOM There is so much to say about the nutritional and medicinal (including preventative) properties of mushrooms. Reishi works to adjust and fine tune the immune system, restoring immune health as well as liver function. It is essentially an “immune system modulator”, balancing conditions that are either deficient or excessive. (SuperfoodEvolution). Part of its secrets can be found in its high levels of polysaccharides and Beta-Glucans (polysaccharides that contain only glucose as structural components). […]


RED REISHI MUSHROOMS (Ganoderma lucidum) are ADAPTOGENS and have a positive effect on your health and well being. WHAT IS AN ADAPTOGEN? Increases the body’s resistance to adverse influences (like stress), by a wide variety of physical, chemical and biochemical factors. Have an overall normalizing effect, improving all kinds of conditions and aggravating none. Must restore […]