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  1. I would like to request information on planned workshops for 2019 especially in the North west region. I am based in Botswana and very much interested in mushroom production

  2. Hi

    Hope you can help,

    How many kg of oyster mushrooms can one expect from the (WHITE OYSTER Mushroom Spawn (Elm A) – 2kg)

    I understand the ratio is 1:4 so I will be using 500g of spawn with 2kg substrate( straw ). That will give me 4 blocks. I just want to see if there are +- a kg ratio that can be expected per block to workout a harvesting program.

    Thank you Ferdie

    • Hi
      You can go to 1:8 giving you 4 bags of 2.5 kg dry matter, under oprimum conditions you can expect a yield of 20kg over a 3 month period.
      Kind regards

  3. Good day.

    Is it viable to use ONLY wheat bran for spawn multiplication AND as the bulk growing/fruiting media?
    If not and you suggest one mixes it with straw for instance – What would be the reasoning behind this?


    • Hi
      No, wheat bran is too compact and has too much energy to be used as a sole substrate.
      You do want to mix it with another low energy source of cellulose such as straw or sawdust.The biggest reason is air porosity and costs.
      Kind regards

  4. Hi There,
    Im currently in the process of fruiting grey oysters from grain spawn purchased from this site, the spawn seems of great quality and colonized my paper waste substrate perfectly by the way :).

    But i have a problem with “Cauliflower-like” growths coming from the fruiting holes, the growths are now starting to show tiny tiny tiny little caps but something doesnt seem quite right.

    Am i in trouble here or will the deformities eventually fruit properly?

    I have taken the fruiting bag out of the cupboard now, where it was incubating, and hung it in a room with indirect sunlight and an open window to fruit :).

    • Hi
      Thank you for the compliments on our spawn, the growths are the tiny mushrooms coming out depending on the temperature in your fruiting chamber you should be picking oysters in the next 2 days or so.
      Kind regards

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