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FAQ: Basic oyster mushroom production cycle

The basic cycle is –  Substrate preparation – obtaining suitable substrate, drying and grinding the substrate to produce an average particle size of 10mm. Finally pasteurization or sterilization of the substrate. Inoculation – introduction of good quality spawn into the pasteurized substrate. Spawn run/Colonization – when the mushroom mycelium grows from the spawn into the […]

oyster mushroom growing and lime pasteurization

The lime soak method relies on 4 key principles: Quality spawn using low magnesium hydrated lime – in South Africa marketed as “Water purifying lime” keeping the pH of the lime soak solution above 12 all through the soak period excellent fresh air exchange (FAE) ensuring that you meet these criteria will ensure your success

Black truffles: season 2018

Let the season begin, black truffles are coming. That was June, now in July 2018 a truffle farmer near Wakkerstroom in Mpumalanga province has found black truffles.  The price for 2018 season truffles is approximately R15 000/kg, so we have one very happy farmer.  As an alternative crop truffles are the only crop I have […]

Double extraction reishi tincture

Double extraction reishi tincture   Mushrush Reishi Extract & Tea instructions April2014 Double reishi extractions combine both hot water and alcohol extracts which are better at boosting the immune stimulating and anti-inflammatory compounds in reishi mushrooms, than simple hot water extractions.   A double reishi extraction combines both hot water and alcohol extracts to create […]