Growing mushrooms is especially easy and the simplest of which is the oyster mushroom. There is a flourishing demand for exotic & gourmet mushrooms in South Africa.

More and more, our country is realising that there are other mushrooms besides button mushrooms. This is great and it means that we are coming to enjoy the variety of flavours, the splendid nutritional worth and the medicinal properties these gourmet mushrooms have to offer.

Any mushroom other than buttons are called ‘exotic’ and the reason they are ‘gourmet’ is because you can eat them and they taste fantastic.

So, how come you don’t sell button mushroom spawn you ask…well it’s because they are very difficult to grow and most people don’t get it right and get put off growing mushrooms.  The technology is costly and there are already many well-established button mushroom growers supplying the market place. It would be almost impossible to compete.


For first-time growers, we recommend reading through our website. We post a lot of helpful information. Jumpstart with a STARTER KIT. They’re shipped to your door with everything you need including indispensable,  detailed and illustrated step-by-step instructions. Depending on what kit you go for you may need to add a few kilograms of straw, dried grass or sawdust (substrate). Our mushroom kits have been designed for success and they are a  great way of discovering how easy mushroom growing can be. There is no chance of you getting it wrong. If ‘watching & watering’ is what you’re after then have a look at our GROW BAGS – they’re ready to explode with mushrooms.

Growing mushrooms needn’t cost a fortune, especially if you plan on supplying your local farmers market, restaurants or supermarket. We believe in a self-sustaining method of growing mushrooms and by considering what mushroom you want to grow, what space you have and what substrate (mushroom food) you have easily available to you, it can be a lucrative income stream. Our hands-on WORKSHOP is the way to get going if you’re looking to make money from farming mushrooms.

Examples of exotic gourmet mushrooms include oyster mushrooms, king oysters, shiitake and shimeji.