We were so excited to see that there are more and more doctors expressing an interest in the medicinal properties of mushrooms, and more importantly that they are educating the general public. Many people believe that mushrooms have no nutritional value – but they are only thinking of one type of mushroom – the good old button – and not expanding their search to the plethora of natural health benefits many other mushrooms have. Mushrooms for treating cancers, tumours, arthritis. ..the list goes on and on. You can find more about this on our A-Z page and Shiitake Superfood. I will be posting more on Oyster Mushrooms, Maitake and Cordyceps later. Don’t forget to check out our fantastic immune assist products that have been showing fantastic results. Immune Assist 24/7 and Immune Assist Critical Care, have all the mushrooms in them that Dr Cooppan mentions in his articles. Brilliant for those with compromised immune systems.Sunday Tribune - Wellnesson the Go - Dr Cooppan - Reishi