So, most of you would have seen our spectacular oyster mushrooms. But here our our even more supreme KING OYSTERS breaking through their growing kits. See these links for more info on their FANTASTIC NUTRITIONAL BENEFITS. I’ll be posting pics as this beauty reaches it’s full potential. And it won’t be long before I’ll start my attack on the ‘winter bulge’ using these magnificent mushrooms.

King Oyster Mushrooms - Mushrush budding health

King Oyster Mushrooms – Mushrush budding health

‘Budding’ Good Health – King Oyster Mushrooms

On our HOME page we have a introduced our Mushroom Starter Pack – R495.00. This pack containing white oyster mushroom seed, pink oyster mushroom seed, water-purifying lime, growing bags and step-by-step growing mushrooms instructions can be found in the Mushroom Spawn part of our on-line shop. Only R495.00