Truffle black diamond perigord tree ilex money


Fresh truffle trees 2014!  We are so pleased that our truffle (Tuber melanosporum) mushrooms have arrived safely from France. From these truffles, we will start the production of our next set of truffle inoculated oak trees for 2014 orders.

For those with an adventurous and entrepreneurial spirit!

Truffle black diamond start own estate farm - perigord tree ilex money


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    • Sandra Turner van Rij
      Sandra Turner van Rij says:

      Hi Samantha, transporting ‘baby’ truffle trees is best done by collection. We are based in the Natal Midlands (Howick/Merrivale Smallholdings). When customers collect, invariably they leave with valuable information about truffle tree growing, as well as their trees. Travel safe packaging is costly – although we have posted small amounts before. Just to make sure, did you see the prices on our website . Should delivery be the only option, we would need to know quantities. I’ll send you more info by email.

  1. Nick Viviers
    Nick Viviers says:

    Please advise how this is grown in the Gauteng area. I would like more information about Truffles and am keen to place an order but is it suited to our climate? Thanks, Nick

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