AN EXCEPTIONALLY VIGOROUS STRAIN fruiting after 14 days since making this  mushroom grow kit / log – SUPER EXCITING!

Super vigorous strain in one of our experimental mushroom grow logs. Mushrush: South Africa

Super vigorous strain in one of our experimental mushroom grow logs. Mushrush: South Africa

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  1. phillip chirata
    phillip chirata says:

    Hi I am interested in the mushroom growing course,but due to time constraints I cant.but may be you got a hand book or other material which I can read to learn the course.what is the relationship between spawn and one growing bag. Where can we purchase the growing straw

    Thank you

  2. Tracy T Mketwa
    Tracy T Mketwa says:

    Hi Sandra.Im Tracy in Cape Town and am interested in learning about mushroom growing and your kits.Please send me the information on the above.Thank you

  3. Anneli
    Anneli says:

    I would like to grow mushrooms for my own use only. Do you think it is worth while? when is the best time to start with it, winter, spring summer or autumn, where can I buy this grow kits with cash, don’t have cards.

    • Sandra
      Sandra says:

      Yes, I do think it is worthwhile even if it just because of their high nutritional value. They can be grown anytime of year – they do like warm temperatures, moisture and fresh air – this can easily be achieved in a bathroom. You are weolcome to purcahse from us and make a cash deposit in the bank.

  4. Antoinette Mare
    Antoinette Mare says:

    We are looking to purchase mushroom spawn and grow kits.
    Please advise where we can acquire these – we are in the Pretoria / Bronkhorstspruit area.

    There are no clear advertisements on where to acquire these.

  5. Willem Van Wyk
    Willem Van Wyk says:

    Good Morning

    Can u Please provide me with more info about mushroom farming.for example how much mushroom do one harvest from your kids in kg?general conditions to be grown in etc /Im from Welkom Freestate

    Kind Regards
    W.J Van Wyk

    • Sandra
      Sandra says:

      Our Rookie Roomer kit is ideal for beginner growers and if grown according to our suggestions, you can harvest up to 10kg of mushrooms. The kit comes with clear and simple instructions for growing conditions. These mushrooms like natural light, fresh air and water.

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