2017 saw approximately 100+ kilograms of black diamond truffles harvested, which is a great feat, considering that only four years ago Mushrush (Neil van Rij) identified and confirmed the find of the first black truffle ever, in Dullstroom, South Africa. Since then, harvesting sites have included the Western Cape, Underburg and Kokstad, to name but a few.

Germinating acorn - MushrushZA

An early finding in June 2016, from a 5 year-old plantation confirms that with good truffle plantation management, we can expect truffles from within 5-7 years.

The Black Truffle (Tuber melanosporum) Industry in South Africa has moved to a completely new level.


Why choose Mushrush as your truffle tree supplier?

  • We are SACNASP registered and a member of the SASPP
  • We do not insist on any contractual obligations with growers
  • We are uniquely positioned to supply truffle trees for plantations from ¼ hectare and upwards
  • Our expertise in South African agriculture, plant pathology and mycology root us firmly in this nascent industry
  • Our network includes local and internationally recognized experts in the field of truffle tree production
  • Our truffle nursery production protocols and facilities are in line with proven international standards.

Book a site assessment with Neil van Rij – sales@mushrush.co.za / +27 (0)82 2944787.

We will need:

  • Your GPS co-ordinates
  • Your cold units
  • An idea of how many hectares you are considering for truffle establishment (.5ha +. Our recommended minimum is 3ha)

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Donna Hornby, South African truffle pioneer, recognized a passion for truffles and mycology in Neil van Rij (Pri. Sci. Nat) and confidently handed over her baton to him (and Mushrush) as an obvious choice of successor. For over a decade Neil van Rij has been intrinsically involved in laying the foundations of the South African truffle farming industry.

A KwaZulu Natal success!

This is indeed a KZN success, with Neil van Rij being the first fungal expert in SA to be involved in certifying truffle trees and in identifying the first truffle found in South Africa.

Since 2011, Mushrush has been producing trees, managing plantations, facilitating soil analyses, soil reports and site and aspect recommendations.

A key aspect of successful truffle production is good quality trees.

  • We use DNA tested inoculum to ensure that the farmer is getting trees inoculated with the French black truffle or Tuber melanosporum.
  • Our trees are certified annually as mycorrhized with Tuber melanosporum by an independent mycologist.


Suitable areas for farming or growing black truffles in South Africa include: Western Cape, KZN Natal Midlands – Underberg, Nottingham Road, Dullstroom/ Machadadorp and Clarens area.

Generally climatic requirements for truffle cultivation in South Africa would be; cold in June and July, with rainfall above 600 mm and well drained soils.

2018/19  truffle tree production is well underway and competent Captain Coal’s is well trained and ready for the upcoming 2018 hunting season (April-August) we trust that he’ll sniff out the truffles before any pigs can get to them

We encourage investors and entrepreneurs interested in growing black truffles in South Africa  to contact Neil van Rij, 082 2944 787

Mushrush - Truffle trees in the making (South Africa). 2014 acorns germinating.

Mushrush – Truffle trees in the making (South Africa). 2014 acorns germinating.