2017 saw approximately 100+ kilograms of black diamond truffles harvested, which is a great feat, considering that only four years ago Mushrush (Neil van Rij) identified and confirmed the find of the first black truffle ever, in Dullstroom, South Africa. Since then, harvesting sites have included the Western Cape, Underburg and Kokstad, to name but a few.

Germinating acorn - MushrushZA

An early finding in June 2016, from a 5 year-old plantation confirms that with good truffle plantation management, we can expect truffles from within 5-7 years.

The Black Truffle (Tuber melanosporum) Industry in South Africa has moved to a completely new level.


Why choose Mushrush as your truffle tree supplier?

  • We are SACNASP registered and a member of the SASPP
  • We do not insist on any contractual obligations with growers
  • We are uniquely positioned to supply truffle trees for plantations from ¼ hectare and upwards
  • Our expertise in South African agriculture, plant pathology and mycology root us firmly in this nascent industry
  • Our network includes local and internationally recognized experts in the field of truffle tree production
  • Our truffle nursery production protocols and facilities are in line with proven international standards.

Book a site assessment with Neil van Rij – / +27 (0)82 2944787.

We will need:

  • Your GPS co-ordinates
  • Your cold units
  • An idea of how many hectares you are considering for truffle establishment (.5ha +. Our recommended minimum is 3ha)

IMG_7551 (61)

Donna Hornby, South African truffle pioneer, recognized a passion for truffles and mycology in Neil van Rij (Pri. Sci. Nat) and confidently handed over her baton to him (and Mushrush) as an obvious choice of successor. For over a decade Neil van Rij has been intrinsically involved in laying the foundations of the South African truffle farming industry.

A KwaZulu Natal success!

This is indeed a KZN success, with Neil van Rij being the first fungal expert in SA to be involved in certifying truffle trees and in identifying the first truffle found in South Africa.

Since 2011, Mushrush has been producing trees, managing plantations, facilitating soil analyses, soil reports and site and aspect recommendations.

A key aspect of successful truffle production is good quality trees.

  • We use DNA tested inoculum to ensure that the farmer is getting trees inoculated with the French black truffle or Tuber melanosporum.
  • Our trees are certified annually as mycorrhized with Tuber melanosporum by an independent mycologist.


Suitable areas for farming or growing black truffles in South Africa include: Western Cape, KZN Natal Midlands – Underberg, Nottingham Road, Dullstroom/ Machadadorp and Clarens area.

Generally climatic requirements for truffle cultivation in South Africa would be; cold in June and July, with rainfall above 600 mm and well drained soils.

2018/19  truffle tree production is well underway and competent Captain Coal’s is well trained and ready for the upcoming 2018 hunting season (April-August) we trust that he’ll sniff out the truffles before any pigs can get to them

We encourage investors and entrepreneurs interested in growing black truffles in South Africa  to contact Neil van Rij, 082 2944 787

Mushrush - Truffle trees in the making (South Africa). 2014 acorns germinating.

Mushrush – Truffle trees in the making (South Africa). 2014 acorns germinating.





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  1. Good day,

    Please could you email me your info pack.

    We are looking at starting up Truffle farming in the Underberg area.

  2. Would truffles grow in the Western Cape, Plettenberg Bay, Keurboom area. We recently bought a farm there and would appreciate any information regarding truffle farming as we are exploring different farming opportunities. If possible if the 2018 introduction pack could be made available to us we would greatly appreciate it.
    Kind regards

  3. Morning, I would like to find out more about growing truffles, please may you send me some information.

  4. Hi Neil,Please will you forward the 2018 truffle info pack.Have had this idea in my head for far too long now and simply have to find out whether truffle growing would work in my area(S/E Free State.-29.188322 lat,27.029388 long)
    Many thank’s

  5. Good day, I am interested in growing black french truffles. Please could you share start up costs and any other advice if you can? Many thanks. Helen.

  6. Trufle farming – have 10 HA to do this. I need info on trees please.

    If France is too far…we should do it here. Very interesting please. Might just work…

  7. Good day,

    I would like to have more info on the locations suitable for truffles. We farm near near Potchefstroom n northwest.

  8. please , i would like to have training in growing truffles . please advise
    Deus from uganda

  9. Hi Neil,
    I am interest in planting truffles. I am am near Mooinooi , on the foot of the mountain. About 35 km from Hartbeespoort dam.Can you please sent me more detail and price what it will cost per hectare. I have about 3 hectares available.

  10. Hi Neil and Sandra,

    What I’ve read and gathered on Truffle farming in RSA, has made me a prospective Truffle farmer. I would highly appreciated if you could send me an info pack.

    Kind regards,

  11. hi
    i am in malawi i have big land am looking into venturing into truffle farming can you please send meinformation pack……

  12. Good day Neill
    I am staying in Frankfort North Eastern Freestate and is interested to plant Tuber melanosporum inoculated Hazel nuts on 2 hecktares can you perhaps help me with info and trees
    Thank you Jan

  13. hallo Neil. Kan jy vir my inligting stuur oor tuffel verbouiing asb. Ek is in die weskaap waar appels en pere verbou word.

  14. Hi Neil. I have 1Ha, and would love to invest in Truffle farming. Please could you mail me the Starter/info pack?


  15. Hi… could i please have the truffle growing info sent to my email address. i’m in Zimbabwe. Also attach the prices for the trees as well please. thank you

  16. Good Day Please send me information on growing Truffle Trees, I am working with small scale farmers in Ermelo, Dandonald,Piet Retief and Amsterdam area.

  17. hi i am in zimbabwe and i am very interested in truffle farming please send me an info pack and prices please

  18. Afternoon
    I live in Botswana, would I be able to grow the truffles here, have a plot on the banks of the Olliphants river. In this area there is decent rainfall.

  19. Hi there
    Plese send me an info pack regarding training for 1st time growers like me. im very interested in knowing more about growing mushrooms/truffles as a business but i dont know where to start.
    thank you

  20. Hi Good afternoon
    I would like to get Truffles farming training if u provide.
    Please send me details


  21. Hi there,

    Can you please send me an information pack as well. I am interested in growing them in the Western Cape. Thanks.

  22. Good day.

    I’m looking for a information pack on truffles?

    Can you please help me?
    Situated in the Amsterdam area, Mpumalanga


  23. I am in the highlands of Lesotho and I believe the weather will be good for Truffle. May I have information on how to plant them and how to get the trees?

    And anyone who is interested in joing can do so.

  24. Hi we have recently brought a small holding with truffles already on it, they have been growing 2 years but neglected any info on them would be much appreciated. Thanks Luke

  25. Good day,

    Where can I purchase truffels? I cant seem to find them in any stores. Do you sell truffels to the public or just export. I live in Pretoria.

    • The South African truffle season is from June to August. If you are looking for fresh truffles outside of this season, you’ll need to import them.

  26. Hi

    I am interested in truffles in the Underberg area. Please forward your information pack.

  27. Hi, I am interested in looking at the option of farming with truffle trees and product in the Harrismith district.

    Information on this would be most welcome.

  28. Good evening, to whom it may concern. We are planning to start a truffle farm in the Bronkhorstspruit area in Witbank’s direction. We are aiming to plant approx 10 hectares but would need some more information regarding climatic and other natural conditions for best production.

    Could you please send me an info pack?


  29. Hi
    Could you please supply me with you price list .
    Is the Richmond area in Natal a good spot to plant Truffle trees?
    Thanks regards,

  30. Hi, I live in Pretoria area, can I also have a price list and details on the inoculated truffle trees? More information would be kind too.

    Regards Taryn

  31. Good Morning, we will be moving to Rosetta in the KZN Midlands. I am sure Truffels will do well there. Kindly send me the information pack.

  32. hi i am in zimbabwe is it going to be possible for me to venture in to truffle farming i am staying in nyanga i think the weather and soil are suitable please send me an info pack and prices please

  33. Good day,

    Could you please send me an info pack on growing truffles, as well as prices. We live between Joburg and Standerton.

    I am also interested in mushroom growing, what kind of yield do you get from the starter pack. What I would like to find out is what’s the estimated profit one can expect when starting small scale.

    Kind regards,
    Tanya Brits

  34. Good day,

    We live in the Highveld, Balfour area and are interested in growing truffles. Could you please send me the info pack as well as prices.

    Kind regards,

  35. Hi there,

    I am interested in growing truffles, please can you mail me your cost for introduction to truffle farming. I am looking for about 10 trees.

  36. Good day , the truffle farming looks interesting could you please forward me catalogues and prices for trees . I live on a river in east Pretoria , much appreciated , Christian

  37. Hi would like to know if the trees will grow on the Highveld. would you pleas send me the info pack aswell.


  38. Hi Neil
    I visited your Fam trout farm at Renosterhoek. I am just about 20 km from them in the Schagen area. I am very interested in possibly growing truffels. I am also starting to set up a small gourmet mushroom farm, starting with Shitake mushrooms. I did some training with Adriaan from gourmet mushroom acadamy in Stellenbosch. Do you think truffels would be possible? Can you also help me with some mushroom stuff?




  40. Hi,
    Please forward info pack and price of plants. Wish to experiment – plant trees on farm in the Memel district. Existing oak trees on farm. Thanks.

  41. Hi
    I’m interested in growing truffles in the Newcastle area in KZN.
    Would it be suitable where can I find out more information.

    • Good day, thank you for contacting us. We are out of the office at the moment. We will be able to send you info on Tuesday. Kind regards, Sandra

  42. Hi guys,
    Please could you send me info re start up for truffle growing in Byrne Valley kzn
    Would it be possible to grow them in Barberton Swaziland area too?
    Also, would the black diamonds grow in the wild olive tree as they are quite plentiful in the area

  43. We have a small holding at the base of Lady Slipper Mountain, just outside Port Elizabeth, on the way to Jeffrey’s Bay. We would greatly appreciate your suggestions on this areas potential viability for the growth of the Truffle trees and the possibility of a small commercial operation?
    Your info pack will be greatly appreciated!
    Kind regards

  44. I am very interested in truffle growing and will appreciate more information on the subject and therefore request whether you can send me the mentioned info pack on this?

    Kind regards
    Leon Brits

  45. Hi

    I would like to plant a few truffel trees on my property in Lanseria. Is it possible with our conditions in Gauteng?

  46. I’m researching truffles and would appreciate it if you could forward me any information that may help. Thanks in advance.

  47. hi was wondering when the cut off date is for ordering the truffel inoculated tree’s. will it still be active end of november early december? kind regards don

  48. I would like info on growing of truffles on 6Ha of land in the mountains above Wilderness near George. Our winters are between 5*C – 9*C, and summers between 18*C – 25*C, with regular rainfall and ample water for further irrigation. My land has a gentle northern slope, and Oaks and Macadamias grow well here. Can truffles be inoculated onto Macadamias?
    Regards, K

  49. I would alos like to look at growing trees in kZN. Could you send to me an infopack please where and under what conditions these trees grow?

  50. Hi,
    Given our cold winters I’m sure that I can plant truffles in Bloemfontein, am I correct? Will you pls send me the “introduction to Truffle tree farming” as well.
    Kind regards

  51. Could you please forward the introduction info please to me. Interested in starting a plantation (Western Cape).

  52. Hi can you tell me what the start-up costs and requirements are for growing truffles? What financial return does one get and from what year can you start harvesting.

    • Hi, the basic climatic requirements are cold winters with well drained alkaline soil (between pH of 7.9 to 8.2). Start up costs involve amount of lime needed, the number of trees per hectare, irrigation, fencing etc. international experience is from 7-10 years to harvest.

  53. I am interested in farming with truffles in north west KZN. Can you forward me your introduction info please.


  55. I am interested to get a few trees planted on our family farm in Caledon. I would like t start with about 20 trees. I have no idea of startup costs. Please help

  56. Can Truffles be produced in Gauteng (between Pretoria and Bapsfontein)? Do you have more information available for me to investigate the possibilities to grow Truffles in Gauteng? Thanks

    • Hi, yes, it is possible to grow truffles in Gauteng. You need well drained soil and mean minimum temperatures not exceeding 10 degrees Celcius in June and July. Supplementary irrigation is also needed. For further information please contact

      Thank you

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