Growing Money Trees

Retailing to local restaurants at R 12500/kg and with yields multiplying exponentially each year its easy to see why the oak tree inoculated with black truffle is a rapidly growing money-making industry in South Africa.

Ideal plantation sites have:

  • Moderate winter and summer temperatures
  • Free draining low clay soils
  • Water available for irrigation

Mushrush works with you to select the most suitable site, taking into consideration terrain and climatic characteristics.

Book a site assessment with Neil van Rij – / +27 (0)82 2944787.

We will need; your GPS co-ordinates, cold units and an idea of how many hectares you are considering for truffle establishment (.5ha +. Our recommended minimum is 3ha)


June/July minimum temperatures, less than 10° C. December/January average maximum temperatures, less than24° C.

Temperatures outside this range are not ideal but may be tempered with mulching and use of slope aspects

Cold units:800

Cold unit = [(max + min)/2] -10

Soil characteristics

Permeable and well aerated (free draining loam soils)

Rocky soils

pH between 7.9 – 8.2

Waterlogged soils are to be avoided completely

No sub-soil compaction layers

Water and irrigation

Irrigation starts at the end of October to April, with January, February and March being the most intensive time period.

Planting out

400-600 trees per hectare based on your site’s micro-climate.

More trees gives a denser mycelial network.

Filtered sunlight (70% shade)

Mushrush supply Holm Oak, – the European’s tree of choice and Spanish Rock-Rose to create the  optimal orchard for your region.


Annual soil testing is necessary to determine top-up lime.

Irrigation management ensures healthy truffle fungus and it’s spread through your plantation.

Plantation health advice is provided by our registered natural scientific professionals.

Regular removal of weeds around the trunks. Mow between the lines with a light tractor fitted with fat tyres. Aerate the soil in early Spring with a shallow-tine implement.

As the truffle fungus establishes on the tree roots, a bare area (brulé) will form under the trees indicating that the Tuber melanosporum fungus is established and providing nutrients to the trees.

Our professionals will visit to evaluate mycorrhizal density and quantity using DNA analysis.


We provide hunting and harvesting services with our trained dogs.





  1. Hi. I have land in Thailand and in the early preparation stages with increasing soil PH levels with lime before planting inoculated oak. Could you send me the info pack and possibly more insight on going about farming in a warmer climate, I.e irrigation, mulching etc.

    kindest regards

  2. Dear Neil,
    Please send me the Truffle Info Pack. My parents have a small holding in Wakkerstroom and we are quite interested an exciting about the opportunities.
    Michelle Steenekamp

  3. Good day, I have a smallholding in the KZN midlands and would like to inquire about growing oaks for truffles. Please can you send me your info pack?

    Thank you kindly

  4. Hi

    Where would be the best area to plant truffles in the Western Cape?

    Could you please send me the info pack?

    Thank you!

  5. I live in the Knysna Plett area and have been advised that the area is not suitable for Black Truffle cultivation. Co-ordinates for the property are 34°03’36.00″ S 23°15’38.07″ E.
    Are you able to comment on the suitability / unsuitability of the area.

  6. Good morning

    I would like more info on truffle farming, my location is in Windhoek, Namibia, 3 hectare Plot.
    Currently busy with oyster mushroom farming.

    Willem Coetzee

  7. Hi Sandra

    Thanks for your interesting website. Will you please send me some info on truffle farming. I am near the coast of East London.

    Thank you

  8. Good Day

    We have found truffle in the Northern Cape and would like to find out more about marketing the product. Where could we get info ?

  9. Hi,
    Can you please let me know if these coordinates will be ok for growing truffles. Thank you. 25°59’4.10″S , 27°58’19.72″E

  10. Good day,

    We stay in Middelburg Mpumalanga and I am interested in starting to grow mushrooms. Can you please forward me details regarding? I am quite new in this and would like to get as much info as possible.


  11. Good day,

    Can you maybe provide me with more information regarding the truffles – prices etc. Would it be able to grow in Great Brak River. I live on a farm so it would be ideal.

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