Top Billing recently aired a documentary on growing Shiitake mushrooms. It seems quite the rage now. By the way you don’t need to grow it on a real log, you can – quite easily- grow it on an ‘artificial’ grow log.

But back to my ‘Shiitake a la Royale’  – with the remainder of my last Shiitake mushroom flush, I blitzed the raw Shiitake with onions, added Truffle oil, milk and soya sauce and bombed the purée into freezer bags. So all I need to do today is defrost a bag and add it to my chicken a la king – et voilà, Shiitake a la Royale! What a splendid aroma of smokey Shiitake and luxury  Truffles – otherwise known as ‘Black Diamonds’.

Sandra's 'Shiitake a la Royale' with shiitake and truffle oil - a luxury take on 'chicken a la king'.

Sandra’s ‘Shiitake a la Royale’ with shiitake and truffle oil – a luxury take on ‘chicken a la king’.

There are many entrepreneurs investing in their own truffières here in South Africa. Read up more on our Truffles page. The season has started and we are waiting for our acorns to start germinating, before we inoculate them.