RSG Radio Sonder Grense – Growing Mushrooms

RSG Radio Sonder Grense – Growing Mushrooms

Today we heard that RSG featured an article on easy to grow mushrooms at home. We didn’t hear the article itself, but we are always pleased to hear growing mushrooms at home being promoted because oyster mushrooms are the easiest mushrooms to grow. If this interests you, have a look at our oyster mushroom starter kit called The Rookie ‘roomer, especially designed for beginner mushroom growers. The Grow Your Own kit makes 4 large mushroom bags that will produce mushrooms for up to 3 months. It is a brilliant and simple kit making it very popular with novice mushroom home growers and comes with clear and easy instructions, as well as spawn (spores/seed) and consumables. We courier nationwide and delivery is included in the price of R595.00

Oyster mushrooms growing from our Rookie 'roomer Mushroom Kit

Oyster mushrooms growing from our Rookie ‘roomer Mushroom Kit



RSG Radio Sonder Grense – Growing Mushrooms — 12 Comments

  1. Hi I just would like to know can you make an income from mushrooms and is it profitable and were do you sell

  2. Hi Sandra, I am interested in obtaining your Oyster Mushroom Kit. Could you please E mail me more info.I stay in Springs. thank you, Gerhard.

    • Hi Obia, our Rookie Roomer grow kit comes with some excellent info and ideas for growing mushrooms successfully. It also includes 2kg of oyster mushroom spawn. You are welcome to contact me directly –

    • Hi, yes it is suitable for all months. In cooler temperatures the mushroom will just grow slower and be fleshier. Look forward to hearing from you.

  3. I am considering growing oxotic mushrooms in the western cape. Where can I get information on whether it would be viable, and how we would go about it.

    • Hi Yvonne, besides being very healthy for you and a good source of protein, there are so many other good reasons to grow exotic mushrooms in South Africa. I would recommend starting off with one of our workshops – especially if you are thinking of growing mushrooms as an income. If attending a workshop is not possible then the next best thing would be trying out our popular Rookie Roomer kit which comes with 2kgs of fresh spawn. You are welcome to order through me –

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