Gourmet ‘Roomer Mushroom Grow Kit


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GOURMET ‘ROOMER Mushroom Grow Kit

Makes 4 colourful mushroom ‘grow logs’.
Oyster mushrooms like moderate light, moisture and fresh air and we’ve included clear plastic tents to help keep  moisture levels up.
These mushrooms can be grown anywhere, for example; a bathroom, a garden or garage.

4 Types Fresh Oyster Mushroom Seed
Purifying Lime
4 Growing Bags
Soaking Sacks
Substrate – added for convenience
4 Supported Fruiting Tents
Ties, Gloves & Cleaning Swabs
Detailed Step-by-step Instructions
Includes Door-to-Door Delivery (South African CBDs)

Make a vibrant rainbow mushroom statement! The intensity and depth of colour is amazing.
Discover the subtle differences in flavour between these colourful beauties. Very rarely will you see these Golden & Pink Oysters on your supermarkets shelf.
Rich in protein, vitamins and minerals makes it easy for you to spoil yourself, every day.

Lead-time 5-10 working days
Please provide a CBD delivery address (not a P O Box)
Substrate suggestions: Straw, coffee grinds, sugarcane bagasse, grass, shredded paper or sawdust.

Refrigerate on receipt


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