oyster mushroom growing and lime pasteurization

The lime soak method relies on 4 key principles:

  1. Quality spawn
  2. using low magnesium hydrated lime – in South Africa marketed as “Water purifying lime”
  3. keeping the pH of the lime soak solution above 12 all through the soak period
  4. excellent fresh air exchange (FAE)

ensuring that you meet these criteria will ensure your success


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oyster mushroom growing and lime pasteurization — 6 Comments

  1. Hi Neil

    Do you have a general guideline in terms of amount of lime to soaked substrate?
    I have come across reading material suggesting 1.4kg to 35kg dry substrate…PH 11 for 16-18hours.

    I assume the higher(increasing alkalinity) the PH level the shorter the soak? Do you add lime over the soaking period to maintain the PH levels?

    Kind regards
    Janine(mushroom novice)

    • Dear Janine
      You can soak whatever amount you can process, pH MUST be above 12 for 16-22 hours. You will need to monitor pH levels through the soak period and the soak period does not change according to pH levels.
      Kind regards

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