MYCELIUM – Spawn is already starting to colonize the mushroom grow log

When growing your own mushrooms at home, it is so exciting to watch the progress. Adventurous mushroom growers in South Africa know what we mean.

We are doing a ‘lime soak’ experiment of our own, with oyster mushroom spawn. We made the bag 5 days ago. In the photo you can see the mycelium starting to colonize the substrate.

Mushrush - Lime soak experiment. Mycelium staring to colonize a 'grow your own mushroom' kit.

Mushrush – Lime soak experiment. Mycelium starting to colonize a ‘grow your own mushroom’ kit.

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  1. Stanley Mounsear-Wilson
    Stanley Mounsear-Wilson says:

    Inquiring the best mushrooms to cultivate. Start up costs, Time to harvest, climate, marketability etc
    Warm regards
    Stan M-Wilson


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