Space needed to grow mushrooms

We are frequently asked ‘How much room do I need to grow mushrooms’?

To keep yourself supplied with our oyster, shiitake and king oyster mushrooms, then all you need is a space as big as a shower.

If you’re wanting to sell mushrooms to your local restaurants, SPAR or farmer’s market, start with a single garage type of size.

For big commercial projects, it’s wise to do some number crunching with us – these numbers are based on your budget, long-term vision and viability.



Space needed to grow mushrooms — 23 Comments

  1. Hi there
    I noted the post
    Interested in growing mushroom commercially, would like to start small to get it right before i invest in a large structure, i currently have a 7x6x2m height wooden shed with skylight panels
    Please could you sent me your workshop desigh
    Thanks Bob

  2. hello im interested in growing mushroom commercially, would like to start small to get it right before i invest in a large structure, i currently have a 7x6x2m height wooden shed with, whats the best way to go about it,

    looking forward to hearing from you

    • Hi
      From R135/log. You will need humidification, temperature control to less than 17 deg C, shelving, logs and space to pack and store once harvested.
      Kind regards

  3. I would like to start growing mushroom for my own use, then later go bigger. How do I start and what does it cost?

    • Hi
      To start small I can suggest either the Rookie ‘roomer kit or attend one of our workshops for practical hands-on experience.

      Kind regards

  4. I recently got involved in a cooperative project. Our aim is to part-take in aquaculture, farming in mushrooms and truffels. Please contact us on the details supplied below.

  5. Want to start production of king oyster mushroom for local market. Do you sell growing kit for king oyster mushroom? Is it easier to produce like the ordinary oyster mushrooms with the kit your kits?

    • Dear Antwi
      King oyster prefers a sterilized substrate. To make it easier Mushrush supplies king oyster mushroom logs, ready to fruit. All you need is a space where you can control temperature and humidity.
      Kind regards

      • Hello Neil. I got fascinated about the production of mushroom. I am organizing farmers into clusters across the country as we want to into commercial production for both local and international market. I want know the difference between mushroom tunnels and the greenhouse with temperature/humidity control. If they are not the same which better considering durability and cost effectiveness. I would also want information on: 1. The relevant equipment for production and processing (drying). 2. Cost of the equipment and their sources 3. International Offtakers (international contacts for marketing), 4. Any other information that could of help to me to enable me prepare a good business plan. Better still if you have business plan you can share with Me will be highly appreciated. I want to discuss with banks for funding.

        • Hi
          I suggest attending one of our mushroom workshops where we can discuss your requirements in detail, they are run on Tuesdays or Thursdays.
          Kind regards

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