In 2006, before Mushrush® Specialist Mushroom Cultivators existed, we were playing around with mushrooms. Before we knew it, Mushrush® was born – growing spawn and fruiting a fun and exotic variety of fungi and a hobby became a business. Over the years our business, products and knowledge have mushroomed. Passion combined with international training, hands-on experience and extensive research contributes to our uniqueness. Mushrush® strives to develop excellent mushroom products.1-DSC03409 

On our family smallholding in the Natal Midlands (KZN, South Africa), we have a truffle tree nursery supplying English and Holly Oak to prospective truffle (Tuber melanosporum) farmers and our own small truffle plantation.

We have formulated our own Red Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum) Extract containing the equivalent of 500mg/ml of our OWN organically produced reishi mushrooms – we value the importance of growing our reishi using clean water and in an environment where air and soil pollution is limited. Medicinal mushrooms are one of South Africa’s unrecognized natural treasures and offer many uses, especially to those seeking to boost their immunity levels (HIV), those suffering from various cancers, diabetes, blood pressure issues and others.

Growing King oysters - what beautiful 'babies'

Growing King oysters – what beautiful ‘babies’

As we grow, we remain true to nature and keep up to date with GREEN matters. That our soils can be cleaned by mushrooms, is so encouraging and that packaging need not be poisonous, but in fact made of mycelium. 





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  1. Iam in botswana…would like to know the arrangements for training people outside RSA.what are the prices for individuals or a group of four.do are there any certificates afterwards

    • Hi
      No we currently only hold courses at our farm in Merrivale near Howick in KZN. We can arrange training for a large group.
      Kind regards

  2. HI Me mushroom,

    I would also like to know when you will attend a Mushrush course in Pretoria as I would be interested to attend.

    • Dear Lizzie
      We do not get many inquiries for Lion’s Mane. That being said we can make to order.

  3. Hi I’m from Zimbabwe am interested in Learning how to do mushroom farming, if ever you are going to hold anyworkshops in Johannesburg or Musina please advise me, l”d like to do the training.

  4. May you also advise on dates of Training and how long will the training last. Do you accommodate those who come as far from Zimbabwe. the rates. full package.

    Thank you. so much interested

  5. Hi there,
    I love your website and would like to try growing oyster mushrooms at home. I live in Durban, so not too far from Howick. Please send me details of your course and your “rookie” kits. Thanks.
    Regards, Andrew

  6. hi we have a garden centre in Mpumalanga and we have many requests for grow kits is it possible to stock your product. we are based in Lydenburg we are called Imbali Garden and Pet centre.Is it possible to get a wholesale price list from you or can you send registration forms. we are members of Sana.

  7. Dear Mushrush
    Please supply me with dates of your courses and prices. I am from Pretoria and have background in Myxology but quite rusty at the moment. Would like to grow exotic and medical mushrooms on a small scale.

  8. Hi Paul, can you please let me know your current selling price for the dried Reisi per 500gr.

  9. Hello.My name is Freddy Beukes.I am a horticulturist and plant breeder. I am very impressed by the info on your site.I am based in Namibia, and am interested in obtaining button mushroom spawn.Could you please furnish me with the current cost as well as the shipping and payment options available.
    Thank you for taking time to answer my querie.

    • Hi Sandra
      I’m really interested in growing this mushrum can you please help me I am in Eastern Cape in East London.

      Thanks in advance


      • Hi there, yes, we can help you – we have a Rookie Roomer kit for first time growers. It comes with 2kg of fresh oyster mushroom spawn and excellent instructions. I’ll send you some more details.

  10. Hi . I am growing oyster mushrooms.do you have a market for dried mushrooms. can you provide me with buyer’s details. I wish to establish a contract for dried oyster mushrooms.

    • Hi Nicola, You should try our Rookie roomer kit – it is designed for beginners and is very popular and customer have had great success. Those that are serious about growing oyster/exotic mushrooms usually come to our workshops.

  11. Good afternoon
    I am living in Johannesburg and am very interested in cultivating both nutritional and medicinal mushrooms. Do you have training courses in Johannesburg. What is the cost and how long is the training. Many thanks and kind regards

    • Hi Vassie, all our workshops are held in Howick and we don’t run any in JHB. Maybe you could attend during the school holidays. I will email you more details.

  12. I am in Pretoria cbd would like to grow oyster mushroom. Can u assist m with technical know how . Do you also supply spawn and growing media

  13. Please am really interested in growing mushrooms especially because of its nutritional and medicinal value for business in Nigeria, but lack the basic knowledge to start. I need coaching if its possible.

    • Please am really interested in growing mushrooms especially because of its nutritional and medicinal value for business in Nigeria, but lack the basic knowledge to start. I need coaching if its possible.

  14. am a mycologist and have being able to grow some species of mushroom like the pleurotus or oyster mushroom.for u to grow mushroom u need to learn abt spawns and spawning.

  15. Hi We have started growing mushrooms in Kenya. I am in South AFrica briefly and wondered if there was a mushroom grower in or near Centurion, Pretoria that I could go and visit and ask some questions before I return home?

  16. I am an Agroprenuer now highly interested in growing Mushrooms here in Nigeria. Can your outfit mentor me?
    I mean by showing me how to grow, package and market mushroom(Oyster) etc.
    Thank you.

    • Dear Oludare

      It is a bit difficult to mentor you since you are in Nigeria, but we will certainly try and assist by email etc.

      Kind regards

  17. Good morning,

    I am a Mushrush, the youngest of 6 children, now living in central Massachusetts. I am interested in hearing more about your organization, and learn how to purchase your fine mushrooms. Please send me frequent email notices and I will contact you when I am interested in purchasing stuff.

    Thank you,

    Paul J Mushrush

  18. Hi.
    I’m from a newly registered company called AGRI-PERENNIAL,we are very fascinated by the industry so much that we want to venture into it.I just wanted to to know if you assist companies such as ours.

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