Once you have decided on what mushrooms you want to grow and done a little research, you’ll have an idea of what spawn & substrate (mushroom seed and mushroom food) you’d like to buy. You’ll find a good commercial range of popular exotic mushrooms in our on-line shop, under Mushroom Spawn.  If you’re looking for the Magic Mushroom kind, you’re not going to find it here at Mushrush.

We believe in a ‘self-sustaining’ way of farming mushrooms. Unless you want to throw large sums of money into your project, find out what substrates (fertiliser) you have easily/cheaply available to you in your area, on which to grow your mushrooms. The substrate is what you grow your mushrooms on (in other words the mushrooms ‘food’) and is the substance to which you add the spawn.

Now, how much spawn to buy? We make our spawn fresh, to order and in 2 kilogram bags. This is recommended for first time growers or the farmers market or local restaurant supplier mushroom farmers.

As a very basic guideline and depending on your substrate, here is an idea of spawn:substrate:yield ratios.

For a lime soak method – 2kg spawn:20kg substrate:20kg yield.

For a steam pasteurisation method (making grow logs) – 2kg spawn:200kg substrate:100kg yield.

These are very rough guidelines because other conditions also contribute positively or negatively to your yield. Experimenting in growing mushrooms is inevitable.

We recommend ‘over night’ delivery for spawn. Store the spawn in the fridge, the older the spawn the lower the yield potential, ideally the spawn should be used within 2 weeks.

We grow our spawn (mushroom seed) on sorghum grain

Depending on what you would like to grow your mushrooms; sawdust, straw, paper waste etc will help you decide what production system to use. Straw and lime are simple and cost-effective.
If you are using straw we recommend our Elm A and PL strains