Hi I have just published 2 more pages on how to grow Shiitake and how to grow Oysters. It is very basic information that shouldn’t scare anybody. It is always worth remembering that growing mushrooms is exciting and fun. Even just to try!

Pictures of wild mushrooms in Northern KwaZulu-Natal

Pictures of wild mushrooms in Northern KwaZulu-Natal Some images wild mushrooms found on a recent trip to northern KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.

Truffle trees 2014!

Fresh truffle trees 2014!  We are so pleased that our truffle (Tuber melanosporum) mushrooms have arrived safely from France. From these truffles, we will start the production of our next set of truffle inoculated oak trees for 2014 orders. For those with an adventurous and entrepreneurial spirit!

Hydrated lime soak – Fungi Ally and Manna Mushroom farm visit

It seems to be all the rage and fashion the “hydrated lime soak” for oyster mushroom and other fast-growing species production on straw.  This post is for background and  information on the use of hydrated lime to prepare straw to become oyster mushrooms! This is the method in use by Simply Manna Gourmet Mushroom Farms […]

Double extraction reishi tincture

Double extraction reishi tincture   Mushrush Reishi Extract & Tea instructions April2014 Double reishi extractions combine both hot water and alcohol extracts which are better at boosting the immune stimulating and anti-inflammatory compounds in reishi mushrooms, than simple hot water extractions.   A double reishi extraction combines both hot water and alcohol extracts to create […]

Recipe – Tea

Mushrush Reishi Tea & Alcohol Extract Instructions[wpsc_products product_id=’301′] Try our medicinal tea for a variety of ailments.