‘Budding’ Good Health – King Oyster Mushrooms

So, most of you would have seen our spectacular oyster mushrooms. But here our our even more supreme KING OYSTERS breaking through their growing kits. See these links for more info on their FANTASTIC NUTRITIONAL BENEFITS. I’ll be posting pics as this beauty reaches it’s full potential. And it won’t be long before I’ll start […]


SUPER FOOD on the Grow

Growth over the weekend

Growth over the weekend – If you looked at the post ‘AS PROMISED’, you’ll appreciate the progress. This picture was taken approximately 36 hours later… Our dear furry friend Fluffy, the Jack Russell, can’t help admiring them too.


AS PROMISED here is the progress and the result of our latest experiment. Mushrush used a lime soak technique to sterilize the mushroom substrate. As we ‘perfect’ this method, colonising of the mushroom growing log is speeding up – very very exciting!! This means that your first mushroom flush and harvesting mushrooms is very quick. The […]


BIOREMEDIATION I say this so often, but I never cease to be amazed by God’s creation. Mushrooms being one of them. Mushroom mycelium clean the soil (oyster, reishi and shiitake mushrooms being specifically good at this). Not only that, but the spent substrate of your mushroom grow log or mushroom grow kit can be a […]

MYCELIUM – Spawn is already starting to colonize the mushroom grow log

MYCELIUM – Spawn is already starting to colonize the mushroom grow log When growing your own mushrooms at home, it is so exciting to watch the progress. Adventurous mushroom growers in South Africa know what we mean. We are doing a ‘lime soak’ experiment of our own, with oyster mushroom spawn. We made the bag […]

TRUFFLE TREES – 2014 Acorns starting to germinate.

TRUFFLE TREES – 2014 Acorns starting to germinate. Track the progress of your truffle trees here. The truffle tree market in South Africa is attracting much attention. We are seeing brûlées and look forward to truffles in the next couple of years.


HELP FOR FIRST TIME MUSHROOM GROWERS visit https://mushrush.co.za/first-time-mushroom-grower/ We have answered some more questions, and I will be adding some pictures to the FIRST TIME GROWER page as we go along.


Top Billing recently aired a documentary on growing Shiitake mushrooms. It seems quite the rage now. By the way you don’t need to grow it on a real log, you can – quite easily- grow it on an ‘artificial’ grow log. But back to my ‘Shiitake a la Royale’ – with the remainder of my […]


What a fascinating fungus. The more I read on Cordyceps the more intrigued I become. I was recently told that this is the season (May/June) to search for fresh Cordyceps. If you have never heard of them, then it is worth researching the many health benefits of this unusual mushroom that grows on the back of a caterpillar larvae found in Tibet, China and Nepal. Who would believe […]

Sunday Tribune article – ‘Wellness on the go’ by, Dr Rajen Cooppan

We were so excited to see that there are more and more doctors expressing an interest in the medicinal properties of mushrooms, and more importantly that they are educating the general public. Many people believe that mushrooms have no nutritional value – but they are only thinking of one type of mushroom – the good old button […]