We are often asked

We are often asked; can we use sawdust as a substrate to grow mushrooms – yes you can , BUT we don’t recommend pine sawdust. Another one is ” Wheat straw or sorghum seeds?” Our answer is wheat straw. :) If you are going to use a lime soak method to sterilize your substrate then there […]


AN EXCEPTIONALLY VIGOROUS STRAIN fruiting after 14 days since making this  mushroom grow kit / log – SUPER EXCITING!


COFFEE WASTE is a RICH SUBSTRATE you can grow mushrooms on – directly on the waste or use it in equal proportions with sawdust (not pine), shredded paper waste or other cellulose waste. If you handle the coffee waste and keep it from outside air and work with it as soon as you get it  you […]



I had to take a deep breath…

I had to take a deep breath… when I saw this  gorgeous oyster mushroom in our mushroom room. Look at the digital reading on the scale – 554gm! Over 1/2 a kg!! I have also shown you the size compared to a R5 coin. How big is this compared to a button mushroom.

Natural Good Health with Mushrooms

Natural Good Health with Mushrooms. Click on this image to read more…


Just for FUN

This beautiful oyster mushroom specimen

This beautiful oyster mushroom specimen need a post of it’s own.

King Oyster Mushroom 2014

King Oyster Mushroom 2014. Look at these images of this mornings mushroom harvest. I dropped everything to photograph these, the first of our king oyster mushrooms as well as some more of our oysters. I just love the how these mushrooms gills have been so beautifully and perfectly created.

Truffle update added

Truffle update added to the TRUFFLE. Click on TRUFFLE and go straight to the latest images.

Brilliant advantage – 2 for R795 deal!

Brilliant seeing folk taking advantage of our 2 for R795 deal! – Mushroom Starter Pack! Go to the home page and click on the image – it takes you straight to the shop. Once there scroll down for the ‘add to cart’ details. I said I would keep you up to speed … Look at the progress […]