Shiitake is a SUPERFOOD, a delicious one at that too.

Shiitake is a SUPERFOOD, a delicious one at that too.

Most people think that all mushrooms must taste the same, or the only mushroom safe to cook with is the plain old button mushroom. Foodies and culinary experts will no doubt disagree. Shiitake have a rich smoky, nutty flavour, with a hint of garlic. They taste even more delicious raw! Besides all this they are a SUPERFOOD.

These are a little more technical to grow and therefore not that easy to find. That is why our stock of sun-dried Shiitake is sold out! All is not lost though, we have developed our own ‘mushroom’ – Oyitake – a blend of our organically grown Shiitake and Oyster mushrooms that we have sun-dried (for extra vitamin D absorption), ground and packaged in a handy 20gm sachet. Find in our on-line store for only R20.00.  Or if you are adventurous and lots of time on your hands, grow your own spawn is also available in our on-line store.

It is used as a sprinkle on pizzas (an excellent protein source for vegetarians), in sauces for an enhanced mushroom flavour, in soups and in quiches. In summer, they are delicious added to your salad dressing.

What’s even better about having tasty mushrooms available, simply peg your sachet closed and store in your pantry with your other herbs and spices. One sachet is equivalent to a punnet of mushrooms.The mushrooms can be reconstituted in warm water.

To grow your own, order your spawn