FAQ – Reishi Mushrooms

Why take an alcohol extract when I can make my own Reishi tea?

Decocting (extracting in boiling water) extracts polysaccharides and makes a nourishing tea. A powerful ethanol alcohol and water extraction, extracts the triterpene compounds and polysaccharides – making a dual extract with the full spectrum of Reishi’s health benefits. http://www.dl.begellhouse.com/journals/708ae68d64b17c52,467a6b9619790c8f,03d6863b6d9da043.html

Why don’t I just take Echinacea? 

While Echinacea stimulates the immune system, it does only that – whether you need it or not – ie. it has only one working tool. Whereas Reishi (an adaptogen) has many tools. It enters the body, surveys the situation/state of the system and uses the right tool. So not only stimulating the immune system but also balancing or repairing or preventing other conditions you may be suffering from, like stress, insomnia, diabetes and so on. Should you body not need immune stimulation, it wont stimulate the immune system – this is what makes it ideal for auto immune conditions.

How much should I take?


20-40 drops per day

Can I overdose on Reishi?

When should i stop taking Reishi?

When shouldn’t i take Reishi?

It tastes so bitter – is there anything that I can mix it with?

Can I give it to my child?

How come it is not well known in South Africa?

Isn’t it poisonous?

I have candida, and I’ve been told not to each mushrooms – is this true of Reishi?