Black truffles: season 2018

Let the season begin, black truffles are coming. That was June, now in July 2018 a truffle farmer near Wakkerstroom in Mpumalanga province has found black truffles. 

The price for 2018 season truffles is approximately R15 000/kg, so we have one very happy farmer.  As an alternative crop truffles are the only crop I have ever seen that will be able to sustain an income from an area as small as 1 hectare, 80kg/ha and R15000/kg = R1 200 000.  Obviously 5 hectares will be a sizable income.

First Wakkerstroom black truffles July 2018

Wakkerstroom black truffle find, July 2018 found by a clever puppy.





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Black truffles: season 2018 — 6 Comments

  1. Hi Neil
    I have been gathering info on mushroom farming in South Africa and particularly truffle growing. If I could also join the list of people requesting starter pack information. Thanking you for your assistance
    Best regards

  2. Dear Neil,
    Please also send the truffle starter info pack. I am particularly in reading more about this.

    Kind regards,

  3. Hi Neil,

    I hope you’re well.

    Please can you send me a truffle started info pack? I am very interested in growing truffles.

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