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Products are sold without insurances or guarantees of any kind and Mushrush are not liable for the performance and/or yield of products. No other guarantee is given regarding the suitability of spawn for purposes beyond those recommended by our instructions or against loss due to factors beyond our control.

Should you experience problems with spawn, please contact us immediately. Mushrush cannot guarantee the production of fruitbodies (mushrooms) due to the many environmental factors beyond our control.

All spawn, cultures and grow kits are custom produced and lead times apply depending on species and availability.

Our cultures and spawn do not come with instructions, as it is expected that customers purchasing these items are sufficiently knowledgeable and skilled regarding the cultivation of mushrooms.

Mushrush accepts no liability for damage caused to products by acts of God.

Reishi is not used to cure any medical condition. Always consult a medical practitioner. Not to be taken before surgery.

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