The many health benefits of Red Reishi AIDS ALZHEIMER'S AGING (ANTI-AGING): Preliminary studies show that Reishi facilitates the restoration of the body’s organs & functioning. ALLERGIES  ANTI-INFLAMMATORY …

Fungus and plant working together

Fungus and plant working together.     256 people reached
mushroom gills by Mushrush

Mushroom gills - by Mushrush

Mushroom gills by Mushrush    
Red Reishi

Reishi - stress relief and immune booster

Reishi/ Ganoderma - winter immune booster and stress relief.     112 people reached
Red Reishi

The Destroying Angel - Amanita viroides

The Destroying Angel - Amanita viroides NEVER eat this mushroom! Contains amatoxins which do not breakdown even when cooked. TOXIC. All Amanita species emerge from an 'egg'; and have a characteristic cup or technically a volva.  Dig…
Red Reishi


There is good reason for oyster mushrooms to be named after saltwater clams. I opened a fruiting bag of pink oyster spawn  (the 'love' mushroom) yesterday and was met by a fresh smell of the sea. These ones, grown with very little fresh…
Red Reishi

Red Reishi Extracts - Neil van Rij

For the best effects, medicinal mushroom products need to be processed effectively; ‘hot water extract’ and/or ‘heat extraction’ are some of the terms to look for.  Superior quality extractions will cost more than basic ground-up…
Red Reishi

RSG Radio Sonder Grense - Growing Mushrooms

RSG Radio Sonder Grense - Growing Mushrooms Today we heard that RSG featured an article on easy to grow mushrooms at home. We didn't hear the article itself, but we are always pleased to hear growing mushrooms at home being promoted because…
Red Reishi


There was almost a war over these beautiful specimens. Our 2014 crop was sadly affected by dry conditions leaving us 'sold out' 3/4 into last year. However, this years crop is looking positive, so customers can start expecting this stunning…
Red Reishi

Black Poplar Mushroom

Black Poplar Mushroom. No photo yet - we ate our homegrown Black Poplar Mushroom (Pioppino or Agrocybe aegerita) before I thought to photographing them. Will post some pics soon.  
Red Reishi

Quality Spawn

How quality spawn and sterilization affects mushroom production. For an introduction to oyster mushroom growing, try our Rookie 'roomer kit - ideal for first time growers who don't want to spend a fortune on experimenting. These three mushroom…