This is what you NEED TO KNOW..

  1. Suitable areas for growing truffles
  2. Land suitability & climatic requirements
  3. Contact details for expert support & professional guidance
  4. Benefits of farming truffles
  5. Getting started
  6. Plantation design & planning
  7. Costs, returns & guarantees
  8. Truffle basics & life-cycle
  9. Products & management                                                                                                          Please send me your MUSHRUSH TRUFFLE INFO PACK for more details.MUSHRUSH TRUFFLES & TRUFFLE TREES




NEED TO KNOW — 27 Comments

  1. Hi Can you please let me know what price I will get for the Trufels should I grow it. and who is the buyers.
    Thinus Botha.

  2. Very interesting website.
    Please would you be so kind as to send us more information on truffle cultivation. We live in an area with very cold winters, warm summers and have sandy/clay soils with a pH of 6.5 (KCl).
    Kind regards

  3. Good day,

    I would appreciate it if you could forward me details / price lists on the following:

    your Growing mushrooms workshop
    Truffle trees cultivation & truffles
    Mushroom spawn/seed kits

    Thank-you kindly.

  4. Hi
    I am TOTALLY new to any form of mushroom growing and I’m interested in doing so just for the fun, and then obviously enjoying the returns of my fun! Can you please send me general info on home growing mushrooms but also the truffles?

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