MR WORKSHOP 2You will leave having made your own mushroom growing log and a ‘suitcase’ overflowing with practical and priceless knowledge.

    • Suitable substrates and sustainability
    • Substrate preparation – pasteurization/sterilization/lime soak.
    • Mushroom seed/spawn handling
    • Making a mushroom growing bag (take home with you)
    • The need for cleanliness
    • Practical growing conditions
    • Mushroom growth stages, harvesting, storage and packaging
    • Sales and marketing
    • Troubleshooting
  • Includes a Rookie ‘roomer kit.
  • Suitable for individuals or groups of up to 4 people (max).
  • You get to see how we grow mushrooms and we share tips and tricks we have developed over our 10 years of growing mushrooms.
  • It is a hands-on workshop, so we work with you as you experience firsthand how to grow oyster mushrooms. This is not a classroom mushroom course. It is the practical side of growing mushrooms with the theory.
  • Workshops are held on either a Tuesday or Thursday morning from 9 am -12 pm.
  • Workshop is held on our plot in the Merrivale Smallholdings (Howick) – directions are on Google Maps.
  • Booking is essential – 2-3 weeks in advance.
  • The cost is R1950 for individuals. Group prices can be arranged.
  • 50% deposit is required.
  • If you would like to stay on a bit longer, we consult at R650/hr.

Mushrush is well equipped to give you valuable guidance/mentor-ship on growing oyster or shiitake mushrooms. We believe that the exotic mushroom market is developing every day!

We look forward to seeing you 🙂





    • Dear Thandi, the workshop is a hands on [practical training where you make the mushroom log/pack. Cost is R1950 per person and we hold them on Thursdays or Tuesdays.

  1. Hi.

    Iam interested in attending mushroom growing workshop. I dont have any prior knowledge on mushroom, but would like to start an indoor Low cost mushroom projest that would help me generate some money.

    Please help me withe workshop dates and the cost.

    Thanks for your assistance in advance.


  2. I am interested in starting growing mushrooms.I live in Gauteng and would like to experiment before driving through to KZN for a course. Please advise on start-up equipment and costs as well as training dates.

  3. hi its sue again

    i wanted to enquire as to how long is the workshop is it a day? or its more for the price stipulated and is the workshop also conducted during december. i am interested in attending one of the worshops but i am free during december since i am a Home economics teacher and i am at work throughout the year. kindly email full details of the workshop. kind regards sue


  4. Hie ,I want a starter kit …but I don’t know how to grow mushrooms ..can you email me the info and prices please thank you.

  5. Hi,

    I come from Brits area currently staying in Gauteng, JHB.
    I would like to attend a training work and need advice on how to start URBAN Farming.

    In the mean time, can I have a brochure on how to set-up my first unit.


  6. Hi I presently live in Botswana and we are relocating to Rosetta in the new year. strange question as I assume mushrooms will be grown indoors or tunnels(?) but are conditions there viable for mushroom farming.

    • Yes, depending on what mushrooms. Oyster mushrooms grow all year round however in the colder months their growth is slower. Shiitakes would do well in Rosetta winters.

  7. Hie I’m a guy aged 34yrs want to start my farming
    And would like to attend yo workshops pliz give me yo contacts for enquiries

  8. Hi Sandra I reside in Limpopo area I am in the process of researching how to grow Oyster & King Mushrooms. Do you have any detailed Dvds ( Old school) I could purchase ? I would like to achieve a small to med. scale growing plan to use as a sustainable income for myself . Would i be able to purchase mycelium from you on a regular bases ? I would like to Produce around 200 kg a month to start with and slowly increase production depending on the markets.

  9. Hey Sandra,

    I would like to attend your workshop. Please send me details of your training workshop.

    Kind regards

  10. Hi Sandra I reside in Port Elizabeth area I am in the process of researching how to grow Oyster & King Mushrooms. Do you have any detailed Dvds ( Old school) I could purchase ? I would like to achieve a small to med. scale growing plan to use as a sustainable income for myself . Would i be able to purchase mycelium from you on a regular bases ? I would like to Produce around 200 kg a month to start with and slowly increase production depending on the markets.

  11. Hi I need info on when is your workshop in May and info on what time of year is best to grow mushrooms. We live in Nigel Gauteng 60 km from Johannesburg, I’m wondering if it is not to cold in the Winter here.

    • Hello Yvonne, exotic mushrooms like oysters and shiitake can be grown all year round, as long as you meet their optimum growing temperatures. We have a King oyster that prefers the cooler temperatures.
      The dates available for May workshops are; 17,19,24 & 27. I hope we get to meet you. Sandra

  12. Hi my name is londeka and I would like to learn on how to farm mushrooms at entrepreneur level. another thing is I would like to know wich place would be best between ladysmith and pretoria

  13. Hi
    I am very much interested in mushroom cultivation and business.I reside in Nigeria,to be precise Benin City.I will find it extremely difficult to attend any of your training programs in South Africa.I wish you could provide customized recording medium by which the training could be beneficial to people like me. CDs,Flash drives etc could serve this purpose.
    I will be most grateful if I could be considered in this regard.
    My best regards.

  14. hi
    i am in deep rural area at eshowe i can not afford to come in your trainings dure to i am not working so i love to start a mushroom business so that i can support myself and my family can your please send me some information on how to get seed to get started

  15. Hi I would like to attend a workshop … and start growing these oyster mushrooms as a business I live in Pietermaritzburg but before I start with the growing of the mushroom I would like to know if you will be able to supply me with mushrooms for resale..should I get clients …thank you

  16. Hi Sandra
    I am Chris Mkhize from Merrivale, I once talked to you over the phone on the 4th of January 2016 as we as a group of 5 so keen to do mushroom growing training but we need a detailed program.

    please advise.

  17. I have put a structure purposely to grow mushrooms but av no idea where to start, how to get the seeds and how to prepare the structure in preparation for the mushroom growing. kindly advise.

  18. please i am interested in investing into the mushroom cultivation but have little do i participate in this training.
    kind regards

  19. I would like to attend a Tuesday class please.

    Please advise the earliest availability.

    Your kind assistance is appreciated.

  20. hi

    I have a small holding and intend starting to plant button mushrooms for commercial purposes . i have no idea . can you please supply me with more infomation please-thanks Gono

  21. I reside in Nigeria & I am interested in growing mushroom for commercial purpose. Is it possible to do the training on how to grow mushroom on line?

  22. Hi,
    I would like to go to the next workshop, when will that be. And do you know of any workshops closer to Johannesburg that are similar to yours.
    076 731 2877

  23. Hi Sandra,
    I would like to attend your next available workshop, please let me know when you have a space to accommodate me.

    Kind regards

  24. Hi,I am in Botswana and very interested in growing mushrooms in my small holding but I feel so empty I dont understand a lot.How much mushrooms can a 2KG of spawn produce?There are course here but coming late after winter.Do you maybe have any online courses you offer?

  25. Dear Sandra,
    I own a small holding in Putfontein, Benoni which is currently not being used for anything. I am interested in growing mushrooms on a small commercial scale to generate some income. I am currently working abroad but will be free and available to attend a workshop in December. May I please have your workshop dates for December so that I can make a booking.

    Best regards

  26. I would like to attend the workshop on how to grow mushrooms This Thursday, is this possible? if not, next week Thursday?
    Please advise


  27. Am starting up a mushroom growing project, i have already got a farm but i do not have the full knowledge about this project. please help

  28. Me and my partner would like to go on your training for mushroom. We have just bought a farm and have finished building a mushroom house and have done substansive research on the subject. However we feel that there is nothing that beats the actual training.

    We look forward to hearing from you


    Nonhlanhla Segwai

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