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Common questions from a FIRST TIME MUSHROOM GROWER

  • HOW MUCH MUSHROOM SPAWN WILL I NEED? When you are practising, work on a 50% yield. As you perfect your technique, your yield will improve – the optimum being 20kg mushrooms:20kg substrate (lime pasteurisation). Depending on the method you use, anything from 1% to 10%. We were very pleased to hear that one of our customers is achieving a 150% yield.
Mushroom seed spawn grain grow cordyceps oyster shiitake

Mushrush – Mushroom Spawn

  • HOW DO I TRANSPORT THE MUSHROOM SPAWN? We use and recommend overnight courier. For outside South Africa, it is best to find out about import regulations before hand, and make arrangements with your preferred courier.
  • HOW DO I STORE MUSHROOM SPAWN? In a refrigerator at 3-5 degrees C.
  • HOW LONG CAN I STORE MUSHROOM SPAWN? Preferably use within a month.
  • WHAT SIZE BAG SHOULD I USE FOR MY MUSHROOM GROW LOG OR GROW KIT? That is dependant on your substrate and facilities. We have worked with bags from 30cm x 12cm to 85cm x 30cm.

    Mushrush Oyster Mushroom Grow Log

    Mushrush Oyster Mushroom Grow Log

  • HOW MUCH SUBSTRATE SHOULD I PUT IN THE BAG? As much as possible. You want to have as few air gaps as possible. Well compacted.
  • WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN MUSHROOM CULTURE AND MUSHROOM SPAWN? The image below is a mushroom culture. The top image is mushroom spawn.
  • WHAT STRUCTURE OR BUILDING CAN I GROW OYSTER MUSHROOMS IN? This is all budget dependent, but the main thing is that your room/structure is well insulated. Seal all openings with virus mesh to keep small insects at bay.

    Mushrush - Mushroom Culture

    Mushrush – Mushroom Culture



  • HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE UNTIL THE FIRST MUSHROOMS ARE READY TO BE HARVESTED? It takes between 14 to 30 days for the mushrooms to be ready for harvesting.
Image from: The Plant Kingdom - Weldon Owen PTY LTD

Image from: The Plant Kingdom – Weldon Owen PTY LTD





  1. Hi, I am interested in the Rookie Mushroom Grow Kit. Could you please send me your price list.? Also, can you include growing instructions? Training dates and information will be appreciated
    Thank you

  2. hi sandra
    im so so much eager to learn more about mushroom farming bt all these years ive been scared of loses.pliz coul you if possible send me your oyster farming kit and catalogue.

  3. Hello,

    I am interested in growing mushrooms from home. I would like to attend your course.
    I have silver birch logs lying in the garden, can I use those as plugs or is it better in a little greenhouse which I have?

    • Dear Caron
      the birch logs are great for shiitake and oysters, the fresher the logs the better.
      Please see inbox for course details.

  4. Hi , looking at all these there should be an over supply of muchrooms every where … i wonder why not ? Anyways i am also looking for more info on training and growing my own mushrooms. To start small first to built knowledge and then grow bigger if i like it and if it is worth it ! Growing anything is one side , then selling is another story….. I am only familiar with the normal white button type and bruin mushrooms we normally get in the supermarket. I have never grown any or tasted any others … a bit scared with the hole posinous type story ! Would like to be educated on this ! Please also send me prices of your courses and al relavant info !

  5. Hie, can someone help me to locate where i can find oyster mushroom spawn in Harare. I recently attended a training workshop and I’d like to get started now..

  6. Good day Sandra

    I have 12 Acres of sand, rock and unproductive land family land that my family has lived on for over 96 years. Now i shall be-return become home to Zimbabwe at the end of 2017.

    Their is no electricity, 12 km off rood form high way only 64 km from Harare.

    – One borehole have drilled working with fresh water (lot of under ground water)
    – lot of grass, saw dust, chicken and caw waste very close at low prices

    My challenge is I have raised funds to set up a mushroom project, I have no training, can I get trained anywhere. As for energy can I invest in solar power and other forms of power to run the project

    Please advise

  7. Good day. We run energy deployment programmes to non-grid areas and we would like our beneficiaries to be trained in “energy for use” that is they can run self empowerment projects from the electricity provided. We would like to introduce mushroom farming in this initiative. How can you assist and is there any available market because we need this to be highly commercial?

  8. Dear Sandra,

    I am exploring different options around starting a small business from home and one of the areas of interest is growing oyster and shitake mushrooms. I would love to find out more information – please could you assist. I have a back room, which I can convert or else i would be willing to build a wooden hut to accommodate the mushrooms. I really will appreciate any info you can send. Thank you.

  9. Hi Sandra,

    I am also interested to grow oyster mushrooms as a side business. i would like to start small and grow bigger but my worry though is that is there a ready market for the oyster mushrooms? please email me some details.
    ps: I appreciate the way you are so patient with us. we seem to ask one and the same question but you don’t get cross.

  10. Dear Sandra,
    Please could you send me your Rookie Room starter kit for growing oyster mushrooms. I would like to learn how to grow mushrooms.
    Just one question – if I wanted to grow them in an unused garage without natural light, would I have to install ordinary incandescent lights, such as used for reading, or could I use the white kitchen-light type light? What works best?
    Thanks in advance.

  11. I would like to start home project growing mushrooms. I need some info as to how to start. I have about 1000sqm of flat land with a little stream that runs alongside it. there is plenty of sunshine in Pietermaritzburg, Kwa Zulu Natal.

    • If you are wanting a home growing experience then i would definitely try out our Rookie Roomer kit – R595 including delivery and 2kgs of fresh oyster spawn. I have attached the details for you.

      However, for commercial growing I would strongly recommend attending one of our workshops. Details attached.

      I’ll wait to hear from you..

  12. Good day!
    I’m based in Maputo-Mozambique and we are trying to start growing oyster mushrooms for now , we are bulding 2 rooms/structures one with 6mx2,5m and the other one with 8.20x6m we are having an acessement from someone from Zimbabwe with some experience on growing mushrooms however we problems in getting seeds from Zimbabwe and for us we rather have them from South Africa will you please kindly advise how many kgs of seeds we need and the clear transparent bags of 10kgs we need as weel as if you can supply us. If you can also send us your phone ctcs we will appreciate
    Looking forward to hear from you soon
    Best Regards
    Eleuterio Ribeiro

  13. Hi, I am interested in purchasing the Rookie Mushroom Grow Kit. Does the kit provide information on optimal growing environment i.e. can I grow it in my garden or do I need to build a special enclosed space to plant it in?

    • Yes, the kit comes with excellent growing instructions for growing conditions. They can be grown in the garden as long as the area is humid and has some light. I’ll email you some details on the kit.

  14. Please i need white bottom mushroom spawns. Do you have them? And how do you sell them? How do you sell 1kg of oysters mushroom spawn?

  15. Hi. Please send me prices for your Shiitake and Oyster mushroom kits. I live in Benoni Gauteng, and would like to grow mushrooms at home on a small scale. thank you

  16. I would love to get information on preparing a room for growing Oyster Mushrooms. I’m running my farming business in the rural areas and at home there are many unused houses with plenty of rooms. I’m converting one room into a suitable mushroom growing area.

    I have a 5m X 3m room with concrete walls and ceiling on the roof. I bought the black (????) dampkos to be used to seal the room, sides and ceiling, I have available tall grass from the veld that can be prepared as a suitable substratum. Electricity is available, temperature gauge available, but will need one to measure humidity.

    Need spawn and very good advice on firstly preparing a suitable grower room.

  17. Good day. Where can I purchase a grow kit in south Africa? Where can I grow it, is it possible to grow in containers?

  18. Hi, I would like to grow mushrooms on a small scale. How do I get a starter kit to Gaborone, Botswana. Are the guidelines for growing included in the kit.


  19. I would like to start my own mushroom farm and i have a 12m Shipping container that i can start from, Is this Ideal? I would like to get more knowledge and maybe some practical experience. who can i talk to or see.


  20. Please provide program workshop for 2016 and also types of oyster mushrooms . Kindly send price list of spawn and grow kits price list.

  21. Hi. I’m starting a poultry business in East London but I would like to expand it by growing mushrooms. I would like you to assist me with the all the mushroom types that can be grown in East London, Eastern Cape, as well as the mushroom kit prices.

    Please send all the proposed info via my email address.

    Your assistance would be highly appreciated.


  23. HI Neil.
    Hope you, Sandra and the family are doing ok. Sent you a facebook message but not sure if you check on those regularly. Anyway I was wondering if you could email me a price list for your Oyster Started kits.


    Benn & Lauren Pieters

    • Hi Tshepang, We sell all our prodcuts on-line and courier your parcel to you. The kit is R595.00 including delivery. SHould you wish to place an order, kindly send me your delivery details and contact number. Kind regards,

  24. I am intressted in growing mushrooms for my own use at home. I require a starter kit for
    the ordinery white button mushroomsand the guidelines for ideal growing success.

    Location Northan KZN Natal

  25. I am a novice and would really like to start growing mushrooms I live in cape town I would like info on how to start and a price list of sead and all goods I will need will the garage be ok or do I need to build wooden boxes with slide drawers please any info IWANT TO DO THIS THING!!!!

  26. Hi Neil,
    I live in the Limpopo on the Soutpansberg on a farm and are very interested in identifying the fungi on the farm, what is your suggestion for books.
    I do have Mushrooms demystified and a few other field guides

    • I’m a starter in Pretoria and interested in the oyster mushroom. I read one can purchase a “carton box” and that would be the easiest to start! Is that true? Any info please. Thanks.


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